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Swavesey Village College - Bus Travel Information 2023-24

Timetable pages can be accessed by hovering over the "Swavesey VC" link

Swavesey Village College Bus Passes (2023-24)


We administer bus passes on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council for students at Swavesey Village College. We must have authorisation to travel from the council and details for your pass before travel can commence, so it is important to start this process (see the 2 steps below) ASAP 

New Students 

Bus Passes can be held as a picture on a mobile phone and printed out. We strongly recommend you keep a spare pass in your bag in the event of lost passes or non working phone. The pass is scanned when students board the bus to determine eligibility to travel and whether the correct service is being accessed. 

There are 2 steps to get your bus pass and ensure you can travel - BOTH STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED TO RECEIVE YOUR PASS


1.Make sure you have registered for travel with the County Council. They authorise travel and we will only issue a bus pass once we receive authorisation from them. 

2. Provide us with details for your bus pass.


You can provide details for more than one student living at the same address using this link.

IMPORTANT: It can take up to 10 days to get authorisation to travel and ensure a seat is available on a particular bus service so please contact the council at the earliest opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning bus travel at Swavesey Village College.


Q1) Why haven't I received a bus pass for my child, everyone else has been sent one?

A1) If you are a new year 7 student please ensure you have followed the steps above. Bus Passes are sent from our provider ShuttleID. Please check your spam / junk folders if you have nothing in your inbox.

Q2) I'm a year 8, 9, 10, 11 student at Swavesey Village College do I just use my old pass in September?

A2) NO - old passes will not work please delete / discard them. New passes have now been emailed. As explained above there is no need for existing students to reapply, passes will be sent out automatically based on the registration information and address details we currently hold.

Q3) My child is anxious about catching the bus into school in September. Please can they be allocated to a bus with their friend?

A3) We understand that moving to a new school and catching school transport can be a source of worry for some students, but unfortunately we cannot allocate a bus service based on indivdual preferences.


We provide home to school transport for over 800 students at Swavesey Village College. Unlike a public bus every students has to be guaranteed a seat if they travel. Our allocation process is based on a combination of the registered address held by the council and available vehicle capacity.

Q4) I'd like my child to be allocated to a specific service in September so they can be with their friends, please can you arrange this?

A4) Please refer to the answer to Q3 above but also please note that service numbers are always subject to change. Due to significant yearly changes in student numbers in each village we don't always keep the same bus numbers or operate the routes in the same way.

Q5) I have an email from the council which tells me to expect my bus pass in the post, why haven't I received it?

A5) At Swavesey Village College we administer bus passes on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council. The system we use has QR codes which are scanned when boarding and passes are emailed to the registered email address.

Q6) We have moved house, will you automatically assign my child to a new bus?

A6) Students are allocated to transport based on the address held by Cambridgeshire County Council. They determine eligibility for transport and advise us of the authorised address for travel. If you have moved you MUST inform Cambridgeshire County Council , otherwise you may not be able to access transport. See for information and contact details.

Q7) Why have you changed the bus my child catches?

A7) The student numbers in the catchment for Swavesey change significantly each year and this is further exagerated by the significant amount of new house building in the area. In order to ensure that all students have a guaranteed seat we often have to make quite big changes to our services. Please also refer to the answers to Q3 & Q4 above.

Q8) Why have you changed bus numbers, it seems ridiculous?

A8) We have reordered the way in which buses leave the college at the end of the day to reduce the times where buses have to pass each other - this is for obvious safety reasons. In order to help students find the correct bus they are lined up in number order and leave the school in that order too. That is why there are some big changes this year. Please refer to our timetable pages on this website to ensure you catch the correct bus.

Passenger Code of Conduct


Please ensure students familiarise themselves with the 'passenger code of conduct' which can be downloaded using the link below. It details the procedures for catching the bus and behaviour expected before, during and after the journey.

Failure to observe these rules could result in travel being refused

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