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Take a look at the Driver Stories below which will give you an idea of the varied backgrounds of our staff and the kinds of earnings you could make driving with us. 

If you are looking for a part-time job requiring a just a few hours each day (from 1.5 hours am & pm) we have term time driving roles on our school routes (just 38 weeks per year - so plenty of time off) paying upwards from £16,000 per annum plus uniform, a travel allowance to help with the cost of getting to work and pension contributions. In addition we operate a generous bonus scheme worth up to another £1,000 per annum. For those looking to top up further on these earnings we have longer shifts available and local private hire work.


This may suit you if you are:

  • Retired but looking to top up your income

  • Looking to retire from your busy job but still need a little extra money (semi-retirement)

  • Running your own business but need to supplement this with some regular money

  • Just looking for some extra money £££


We're happy to hear from you whether you have a current licence or not:

  • Those with an existing PCV licence - we'll just need to get or check your DBS and CPC status and we can get you on-board straight away.

  • Those without a bus licence, but who wish to train to drive with us, we have schemes where we can share the cost of getting your PCV licence. Get in touch and we can explain more about the process.

Driver Stories

Jenny - Final photo.png

Jenny – Semi-retirement plan

Jenny retired as a full-time bus driver 5 years ago and joined our team following a recommendation. She wanted to stop the 48 hour weeks with split shifts but there were limited options that the bus company could offer. Our high hourly rates for part-time work combined with plenty of leisure time during the week and school holidays was a perfect fit for her. Jenny used the £20,000 pounds she earned each year on top of her pension income, doing about 4.5 hours a day, to pay for a new car and extra holidays with her grandchildren.

Ian – Work around family and leisure

Ian started work for us 6 years ago as his children were becoming more independent at school. With household responsibilities and other interests, he wanted work that could fit in with this. On top of morning and afternoon school runs, Ian also does some local coach trips dotted through the week to museums, swimming pools and sports matches. Last school year Ian earned over £25,000 doing about 6.5 hours per day with 14 weeks off to enjoy with his family.

Ian - Final photo.png
Geoff - Final photo.png

Geoff – Self-employed but needs extra earnings


Geoff has his own oven cleaning business. He was looking for some extra money doing work that could fit around his own clients. He does morning school runs, about 1.5 hours each day, which normally finish before 9am. He earned over £8,500 last year which really helped because demand in his own business can vary.

Alex – Training for her PCV licence

Alex contacted us to see if she could train to get her PCV licence and drive with us. Before training began we required Alex to undertake DBS checks to ensure she could do school work. Once that was approved Alex took a medical and applied for a provisional licence. We have a partnership approach to training – the candidate is expected to pay for the costs of DBS, medical and theory tests, which total about £200 - £250, then Cambridge Buses pay for the practical lessons and test, usually over £2,750. It takes between 4 to 6 months to get a full licence. Once Alex has passed, she has agreed to work for us over the course of the next two years to reflect the investment we made in training. Alex is hoping to work 10 school sessions a week and once she has a bit more experience begin to do some private hire work. Good luck with your tests Alex.

Alex - final photo PNG.png

Please note: We have amended names, images and lifestyle details to protect privacy, earnings and hours are factually representative.

To find out more, fill in your details below and we'll get back to you to shortly to discuss in more detail

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