Swavesey Village College - Bus Travel Information 2020-21

A new bus pass system will be operating from September 2020. The new passes no longer require a student photo and there will be no replacement costs if lost or damaged. The pass will be emailed to parents and can be held as a photo on a mobile phone and printed out. The pass will be scanned when students board the bus to determine whether the correct service is being accessed.

You must provide your details to us to obtain a bus pass. The process adds a student to our “waiting list” so we can then allocate them to the appropriate service. There is no requirement to register or create an account, it is a simple form which should take less than a minute to complete.

Use the following link to apply for your bus pass:



You can provide details for up to 5 students living at the same address using this link.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have submitted your details the display shows a message which says: "Thanks for submitting your details. Cambridge Buses will contact you when a space becomes free on one of their services.". All authorised students will be allocated a seat so do not worry about whether there will be a space.

If you require any assistance you can get in touch at buspass@cambridgebuses.co.uk