Swavesey Village College - Priority School

Bus Registration Link

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already travelled to Priority School with us during the current lockdown you do NOT need to book a place or register with us. We will let you know if that changes or if timetables change using the contact details we hold.

If you have not yet used bus transport to Priority School during the current lockdown you must register with us before your first journey. Registration must be made by 4pm the school day before the first journey is required by clicking HERE

Timetables - Effective from Tuesday 26th January

Please check this page the evening before travel, we will send through a text if the timetable changes.


Bus Passes will be required as normal

CN-19 A

CN-19 A - Timetable.png

CN-19 B

CN-19 B - Timetable.png

CN-19 C

CN-19 C - Timetable.png